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Design Build Contracting

Typically this service is geared towards clients and end users who are extremely busy running their respective businesses and prefer to be “indirectly” involved often retaining their Contractor on a “one stop shop” basis. The “design” of the project is a collaborative approach that involves the Contractor’s Consultants, Engineers and Designers and the Clients Senior Team and their Associates. The contract is typically a “lump sum” type with all of the liability resting on the G.C. “The build” from the inception of the project through to “turnkey turnover” makes the Contractor solely responsible for all construction aspects including trade and supplier awards, production scheduling milestones and deficiencies etc. All payments for this service are made by the G.C., and the Client simply provides progress draws until completion.

Project Management

For clients and end users who prefer to be more “directly involved” and that have the extra time to play a more active role in a new project's evolution, a “management” contract may allow this. With this contract, the client often provides and/or chooses the professional consultants and in addition plays an active role in selecting sub-trades and material suppliers; thus inheriting the “liabilities” of the project. The client often pays sub-contractors and suppliers directly and in some cases pays all job costs from mobilization through to turnover. This service can slow down production and add costs that are driven from consultants / customer changes and jobsite conditions.

Commercial Leasehold Improvements

This service quite simply relates to renovating existing or new office space on a turnkey basis. Taurus has renovated hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space in Toronto’s GTA. Over the years, this has been, and will continue to be, our core business, as this is where we started. Our contact network often identifies clients who may be expanding, renewing or downsizing an existing commercial lease. This service usually requires space planning considerations, furniture moving, design and construction. Our team has the experience and expertise to carry out your office renovation needs whether your office is 1000 sq. ft. or 30,000 sq. ft.

Prequalification Tendering

Most established Property/Facility Management firms, Landlords, Institutions etc. tend to utilize a select group of Contractors that they “prequalify” for construction opportunities for obvious reasons:

  • Contractors need to be familiar and/or well versed on building systems.

  • Contractors need to have experience primarily in AAA office buildings, including a proven track record for following building “rules and regulations”.

  • Contractors must have acceptable insurance and/or bonding facilities, workplace safety and good building practises and such.

Health and

It is the policy of this company to perform work in the safest manner possible and in accordcance with the “green book” – the occupation health and safety act and regulations for construction projects. Protecting employees from workplace injury and illness is our major continuing objective. All employees must work in compliance with health and safety legislation and with the practices and procedures spelled out by this company. It is in the best interest of all parties to consider accident prevention in every activity, commitment to health and safety must form an integral part of this company. Compliance with health and safety procedures will be regularly reviewed, violations will be recorded and addressed. It is company policy to do everything we can to help each employee enjoy a safe, productive future.



Mission Statement

To provide quality workmanship on schedule, supported by unprecedented service.

About The Company

We specialize in design/build contracting, commercial leasehold improvements, and project management. Our success is due to our turnkey approach and competitiveness, coupled with our firm commitment to scheduling. The majority of our "ground-up builds" are 1-2 storeys, usually including all site servicing and related civil works. These projects are typically performed in the GTA, however we have completed many projects in the Windsor, London, Barrie, and Ottawa regions as well. The majority of our interior projects are carried out in the downtown core in AAA/AA buildings. In addition to construction, we offer a full range of services including custom interior designs, architectural/engineering services, drawings/permit packages, and system furniture sales and installation. We have established a lasting reputation for providing quality service in the industry, while maintaining a lean management structure in order to keep our overheads low and remain extremely competitive. We strive to provide quality workmanship on schedule, supported by unprecedented service. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.



Taurus Contracting is a small Commercial General Contracting company operating primarily in the G.T.A. for 30 years now, and I am proud and privileged to have earned this rewarding position in such a competitive city as Toronto. Undoubtedly our success is directly attributed to my dedicated office team along with our efficient and hardworking subcontractors.

I am fortunate at age 51, to lead the 2nd generation of a commercial construction family. My late father Del Page established Page Flooring in 1959, and with the solid support of my mother Lori, they enjoyed almost 50 years of success in the industry. I was blessed with the opportunity to work and eventually contract for this successful operation. As a young man, I worked in almost every major office tower in Toronto, including 2 major casinos, 3 major airport terminals, The Rogers Centre, Scotia Tower, and BCE buildings to name a few. The challenges of mobilizing men and materials in the core, was no easy task in some of the largest buildings in North America. The opportunities from my Father were not only a blessing; they were part of my evolution into a full-fledged General Contractor specializing in commercial construction.

These humble beginnings led the way for many years of moderate and healthy growth which added to our experience and confidence, while I established a niche in Toronto’s massive marketplace. My Father always said “bigger is not always better”, and these words have helped me to discern myself from my competition. I believe it makes better business sense to service fewer loyal customers efficiently so we can perform on time, on budget.


I have tried to impart this fundamental business philosophy, to our subcontractors and suppliers. Our pre-qualified trades are undoubtedly a major reason for our ability to turnover a project on time, on budget. I have always prided myself on our ability to operate lean with committed staff that are fully accountable. Commercial construction is an unbelievably broad term and only after years of experience, do I see the competitive advantage of specialization. You need not be diverse if you have loyal customers that recognize your expertise.

With many more years of personal contributions to invest, along with a great team of diverse individuals, I look forward to the future of Taurus Contracting. Experience and a great track record for service, coupled with youth, confidence, and innovation gives me confidence that Taurus can only look forward to many more years of continued success.

I look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.








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