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Toronto Commercial Contractors

Tue May 28 2024

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For over 37 years, Taurus Contracting has been a trusted name in commercial general contracting in Toronto. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer service has made us one of the region's premier commercial general contractors. Let's explore what makes Toronto's commercial construction landscape unique through the lens of a industry leader.

The Role of Toronto Commercial Contractors

Toronto commercial contractors like Taurus Contracting are integral to creating infrastructure that supports businesses in this bustling city. Our work includes building and renovating office spaces, retail stores, and industrial facilities. With Toronto commercial contractors like us, projects meet high standards of quality and efficiency.

Key Services in Commercial General Contracting

  1. Commercial Leasehold Improvements: Modernizing leased spaces helps businesses enhance productivity and branding. Commercial leasehold improvements, like new lighting or HVAC upgrades, optimize office layouts to align with company goals.
  2. Toronto Office Renovations: With businesses adapting to changing needs, Toronto office renovations are on the rise. They modernize outdated offices, improve energy efficiency, and align spaces with company branding.
  3. Design and Build: This method integrates design and construction, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to completion.
  4. Pre-Construction: Mapping out budgets and timelines ensures every project starts strong.
  5. Project Management: Our project managers coordinate everything from permits to supplier negotiations.

Navigating Toronto Office Renovations and Leasehold Improvements

Toronto office renovations require careful planning to minimize disruption. Leasehold improvements are crucial, as they help companies revamp their space to foster growth. Our strategic approach allows businesses to enhance their workspace without operational delays.

The State of the Toronto Construction Market

  • Commercial Construction Growth: Since 2017, the commercial construction sector in Canada has grown at an average rate of 3.9%​​. The construction sector overall is projected to have a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.5% by 2024, which will make Canada's construction sector worth approximately $354.9 billion​[1].
  • Sustainability Trends: There is a rising demand for LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) commercial buildings in Canada. As of November 2022, there were 4,336 LEED-registered commercial building projects in Canada. Offices and mixed-use office spaces lead the number of certifications[2].
  • Investment in Infrastructure: Infrastructure investments are also strong, with over $180 billion (CAD) earmarked for significant projects, including affordable housing, public transit, and rural community development​[1]​.

Why Choose Taurus Contracting?

Taurus Contracting provides unmatched expertise in the Toronto commercial general contracting market. Whether you need commercial leasehold improvements, Toronto office renovations, or project management, we deliver quality work that meets your timeline and budget.

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