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Leaside Memorial Community Centre

Size: 6,000 sq. ft. | Duration: 12 weeks

Upgrade and renovation of approx. 6,000 sq. ft. community centre, work included building services, mechanical, electrical, roofing, excavation, landscaping, steel, masonry, concrete, fencing, and painting. Extensive roof work, new concrete stairs, railing replacement, filtration room repairs, new steel/wood canopies, paving and landscape work. New drains and new electrical fixtures.

  • Complete renovation 6,000 sq. ft. community center.
  • Extensive mechanical, electrical, structural steel and masonry work.
  • All new architectural finishes including much exterior civil work.

Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre

Size: 3,000 sq. ft. | Duration: 8 weeks

Upgrade to various building areas covering approx. 3,000 sq. ft. Domestic hot/water boiler replacements, including related demolition, hoisting, piping, tank installations, duct work and related. Major scope challenges included preordering of equipment to minimize downtime. Careful coordination between demo contractor and mechanical sub contractor required for tank hoisting. Installations and start up with some architectural finish work, along with necessary plumbing and electrical work also included.

  • Complete brand-new boiler replacements.
  • Demolition of structural wall to hoist boiler packages into building.
  • Extensive mechanical, electrical and finish work.

Commander Park Arena

Size: >$350K | Duration: 12 weeks

Renovations to large compressor room and related areas. Supply & install 4 HP Mycom SMART M reciprocating compressor packages. Monitored and maintenance service modules (incl. disposal of existing equipment). Provided housekeeping pad modifications for the new packaged units. Disconnected and replaced glycol/ammonia lines, new pipes/valves, new control panels. New concrete pad work, training, testing and much more.

  • Hockey arena compressor (4) replacements.
  • Modern Mycom SMART M reciprocating compressor packages.
  • Heavy mechanical, electrical and control panel work.

Alex Duff/Christie Pits Outdoor Pool Restoration

Size: 20,000 sq. ft. | Duration: 12 weeks

Outdoor and indoor upgrade to various pool areas totaling approx. 20,000 sq. ft. (2 tanks and underground pump rooms) Completed restoration of outdoor pool and related equipment. Acted as General Contractor to the City for demolition and preparation of pool tiles, coping and installation of equipment. Extensive saw cutting and hydro blasting, prior to parging. All new tiles, epoxy, EMSEAL and painting was completed.

  • Complete restoration of two large tanks (lap pool and diving pool).
  • Extensive demolition and prep work including major water blasting.
  • Pool finishes including custom epoxy, new tiles, concrete repair and much more.

G. Ross Lord Park

Size: <$500K | Duration: 12 weeks

Outdoor soccer field - G. Ross Lord Park - custom lighting project and related. A challenging project with a condensed schedule. 8 large engineered caissons designed for 80 ft high poles, underground electrical work, site work, and more.

  • Installation challenges due to wind and weather
  • Specific engineering requirements overlapping
  • Careful trade coordination coupled with condensed 12-week schedule to turnover field on time to city.