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Taurus was fortunate to win this major project via a pre-qualified RFQ process. This design/build project provided many challenges including ramped up health and safety/Covid procedures, and a tight schedule with a finite budget. This highly custom project featured specific and specialized standards including but not limited to the following: A 2-hour fire rated superstructure, negative air pressure requirements, custom 20 ton rolling crane system with heavy foundation work, heavy electrical and mechanical, plumbing, service and breathing air systems and much more. This project was driven by important license requirements and our 26-week schedule was condensed to achieve substantial completion 1 month early.

Size: 8,000 sq. ft.

Timeline: 26 weeks

Project Details

Major Demolition, concrete foundations, extensive steel and welding work, heavy mechanical and electrical work.

Very specialized equipment including a 20 ton roofing crane system, large custom air handling unit, major electrical equipment, new lighting, a two hour fire separation, breathing air system and much more.

Project was accomplished during the pandemic under heavy security protocols and many groups of consulting engineers.